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What is Painless Dating?

Painless Dating is a 6-week, interactive training program that teaches the smartest and most effective dating strategies in today's world to professional singles who want to find the love of their lives to create a healthy, stable and happy relationship where they feel secure, loved and understood. It is based on our proven methodology.

Whether you are brand new to dating or you have been dating for many years without results, Painless Dating will challenge you to show up at your highest level. It’s designed to turn you into the CEO of your love life and take you from where you are right now into the arms of your right partner.

How does Painless Dating work?

Painless Dating trainings are released in weekly Modules. All the training is online inside a private, Painless Dating "member only" site. Dating with success requires clarity, vision, empathy and the ability to show up consistently in an authentic and honest way. You want to find someone who appreciates you for who you are. Without a roadmap or guidance, the process can be overwhelming and painful.

Painless Dating can save you years of painful trial and error. Nothing is more disappointing than a bad date and wasting time with a wrong partner, we understand you. We’ve helped hundreds of singles around the world find the love of their lives and create Soulmate Relationships.

We’d be honored to help you, too.

Is Painless Dating right for me?

If you want to learn how to date with success in today's world (not back in 2019, or even 2022), meet honest and authentic singles; transform your interactions into connections that could lead into fun first dates and very fun second dates and then into long-lasting happy relationships with a partner that is aligned with your highest values, Painless Dating is for you.

Our ideal members fall into one of these categories:

  • Singles Decided to Finally Find their Right Partner
  • Recently Divorced or Widowed who forgot how to Date
  • Single Busy Professionals that work many hours, are tired of the bar scene and don't have time to waste with the wrong people.
  • Singles that hate dating and have lost hope in the process

Here’s What You’ll Get at Painless Dating

Whether you’re dating for the first time or have been dating for years without the results you want, Painless Dating can help. This 6-week online program provides the elements vital to modern dating and relationship creation success, so can:

  • Take control of your love life, become the CEO of your love life.r
  • Find, date and create a long-lasting relationship with your soul match.
  • Understand yourself and the gifts you bring to a relationship, and the value you will add to your partner's life.
  • Understand men and women basic conscious and unconscious needs (when you learn to fulfill their basic needs and yours, they will stay with you forever!)
  • Learn where to find quality partners that are aligned with your values and life goals and – so important – how to connect with them.
  • Outline an outstanding online profile that speaks your true self and awakens his interest.
  • Understand the nature of dating and master this art effectively, it will be fun.
  • Brainstorm ideal partners and understand the ideal right partner FOR YOU.
  • Translate the love languages of the male and female brains to set the right expectations since the get go.
  • Have the best dates of your life. You will learn to love to date!

When can I start Painless Dating?

You can start the Program immediately after being approved. Once you complete the 6-week training, you can revisit and review the material as much as you want. The training Modules, bonus resources, and recordings are yours for life!

Creating a Soulmate Relationship requires effort, courage, and tenacity. Most of all, it requires consistent action and a willingness to play the dating game.

As the adage goes, give a woman a fish and feed her for a day. Teach her how to fish and feed her for a lifetime. That’s why our primary goal is to train you to understand the type of relationship you want, the type of partner you need to pick to create that relationship, to think, behave, and make smart decisions for YOU, you are the CEO of your life — so you have skills that serve you for life.

Painless Dating is for doers and changemakers who want to use our proven methodology and their inner gifts to find their Right Partner and create a Soulmate Relationship.

For more information on Painless Dating, to preview the curriculum and to know if you could be accepted into our Program, please schedule a free consultation.

Everything is Online: No Travel Required

The entire program is based online, so you can participate from home or work. Go through the materials each week as they’re released in the student portal, or you can slow things down and work on your own schedule.

If you’re working a new full-time job, several part-time jobs, getting married or navigating big life events during the 6-week program, don’t worry. You can revisit and review the training materials any time.

How much does Painless Dating cost?

Please contact us for information regarding the prcing of the Painless Dating plan.

You have nothing to lose and a wonderful life to live with your Soulmate, what are you waiting for?

This Is Your Time!

The World Needs More Love and your Right Partner is Either Looking for you at this Very Moment or is Getting Ready to Meet you. We hope to see you in class.

How To Find Your Soulmate / Como Encontrar Tu Alma Gemela

Available in English or Spanish
by Rita Paiewonsky

How to Find Your Soulmate

Looking for love can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. In How to Find Your Soulmate, relationship expert Rita Paiewonsky offers a practical and actionable guide to help you create a meaningful and lasting romantic relationship.

Drawing on years of experience and research, the author shares simple yet effective steps to help you navigate the dating world with confidence and purpose. From identifying your personal values and priorities to understanding your attachment style, this book provides a roadmap for finding the right partner for you.

How to Find Your Soulmate is more than just a dating guide. Paiewonsky also explores the deeper aspects of romantic relationships, including communication, intimacy, and commitment. With her guidance, you'll learn how to build a strong foundation for a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Whether you're single and looking for love or in a relationship and wanting to improve it, this book is an essential resource for anyone seeking a meaningful and lasting romantic connection.

Start today the journey to finding true love.

Order In English

Como Encontrar Tu Alma Gemela

Buscar el amor puede ser una tarea difícil, pero no tiene por qué serlo. En Cómo encontrar a tu alma gemela, la experta en relaciones Rita Paiewonsky ofrece una guía práctica y accionable para ayudarte a crear una relación romántica significativa y duradera.

Basándose en años de experiencia e investigación, la autora comparte pasos simples pero efectivos para ayudarte a navegar por el mundo de los primeros encuentros, las citas y las relaciones de pareja con confianza y propósito. Desde identificar tus valores y prioridades personales hasta comprender tu estilo de apego, este libro ofrece un mapa con el camino correcto y más corto para encontrar tu alma gemela.

Cómo encontrar a tu alma gemela es más que una guía para encontrar el amor. Paiewonsky también explora los aspectos más profundos de las relaciones románticas, como la comunicación, la intimidad y el compromiso. Con su guía, aprenderás cómo construir una base sólida para una relación saludable y satisfactoria.

Ya sea que estés soltero y buscando amor o en una relación y quieras mejorarla, este libro es un recurso esencial para cualquier persona que busque una conexión romántica significativa y duradera.

Comienza hoy el viaje para encontrar el amor verdadero.

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