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The Institute of Love and Wisdom (ILW) offers intensive dating programs to find success in today’s dating scene. Love Coach and ILW Founder Rita Paiewonsky works with women like YOU, who desire to find true love and to create a long-lasting, soulmate relationship with your man.

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a man and woman embracing at the beach

a man and woman smiling at each other intimately


Painless Dating Program

Painless Dating is a 6-week, interactive training program that teaches effective dating strategies in today's world.

a man and woman smiling at each other


Ebook: How to Find your Soulmate

Learn to tap your heartfelt compassion and start transforming your love life today.


  • I was fascinated by your presentation. You are an outstanding relationship guide for women who want to get closer to their partners. Things become easier once I understood our differences with men. My expectations have changed, I feel more patient and relaxed. I feel happier. I feel more appreciation for Jonathan and our relationship. God bless you

    Karen, FL

  • After our session today I finally understood why all the wrong partners and bad relationships couldn’t work out for me

  • The more I hear you explaining these important topics, the more I admire you Rita. Thank you for giving your time to help us

  • This is more than a dream come true for me Rita. I am so happy. Mike is devoted to me, he is even more than I ever dreamed for myself.


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