Meet Rita

Meet Rita

Globe-Trotting Dating Coach & Advocate For Wise Love

Dear friend, are you seeking more joyful and effective dating experiences? I’ve traveled to the farthest points of the globe to discover what truly works when dating to create true love. Combining my life experience and extensive research in the fields of modern love and mindfulness, I’ve developed a clear methodology to share with you… and anyone looking for soul-inspiring love.

Simply put, I’m here to help you find the love of your life, your SOUL MATE.

I’m so glad to meet you on this journey!

Rita’s Bio

Love Coach Rita Paiewonsky helps discerning women find and cultivate soul-enhancing relationships.

Rita is the creator of the Institute of Love and Wisdom (ILW) and author of “How to Find Your Soulmate,” available in English and Spanish.

As a Certified Coach, Emotion Code Practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Master Practitioner, and Tantra Teacher, Rita helps her clients find fulfilling romance with the right partners. They learn not to settle – to meet the right person to finally feel heard, understood, secure, and adored. Rita easily recognizes her clients’ deepest needs and addresses their longing for love. She collaboratively designs tailor-made strategies to help women grow healthier intimate lives for themselves and their soulmates.

In her career as a love coach, she has owned an international dating franchise where she personally worked with thousands of singles to find the love they deserve. An enthusiastic, heart-centered coach, Rita demonstrates a passion for rendering results that matter.

Ms. Paiewonsky’s education includes a Bachelor’s Degree, an MBA and a variety of training from global leaders practicing loving kindness, including her continuing education on Highest Yoga Tantra, with renowned Tibetan master meditation teacher Lama Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. She earned the title, “Highest yoga tantric practitioner” in 2013.

With her loving and wise advice, Rita has inspired thousands to develop enhanced dating and relationship skills. Her life’s work is now dedicated to bringing greater peace and joy to the world.

About the Institute

The Institute of Love and Wisdom (ILW) provides a designated space for learning to date painlessly, mindfully, and efficiently. Lessons are based on mentorships with first date specialists and the most well-known and well-regarded relationship coaches in the world.

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Rita has successfully helped hundreds of clients find the love of their lives and improve their love lives – through the Institute of Love and Wisdom, and before that, the largest international dating franchise at the time.

With Rita’s Advice You Can

  • Take control of your love life.
  • Find, marry, and care for your soul match.
  • Understand yourself and your basic conscious and unconscious female needs.
  • Understand men and their basic conscious and unconscious needs (when you learn to fulfill his basic needs he will stay with you forever!)
  • Learn where to find quality men and – so important – how to connect with them.
  • Outline an outstanding online profile that speaks your true self and awakens his interest.
  • Implement new positive communication patterns.

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With Rita Advice You Can

The Power Of Transform

You have the power to transform your world and the world of those around you through your relationships.

  • Understand the nature of dating and master this art effectively.
  • Brainstorm ideal partners and understand the ideal right partner.
  • Translate male and female love languages.
  • Have your best sex ever.
  • Become the most radiant feminine you by exploiting your own sensuality.
  • Understand partners from different cultures.
  • Have the best dates of your life.
  • Learn to love to date!

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