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general May 17, 2024

When I ask my clients and my students if they know which are the most significant words you can say to a special someone – regardless of whether it is a male or a female – I usually get this response:

“I love you”.

I totally admit that this statement is very significant, but not necessarily has the power to build an instant connection or make that special one feel automatically closer to you.

The phrase that has the greatest impact, and that can make him or her feel much closer to you is:

“I’m listening, please tell me more.”

The reason why this phrase has such a strong impact in the heart of the other, is that when men and women begin to open up to another person, they often feel very vulnerable. This is true especially in men.

We all need to feel heard. When we feel we are being heard, we feel understood.

When we are in a relationship, to feel understood is a basic need.

We need to feel that the other person is truly paying attention to us. We need a sign that shows us that what we are saying is important, and that the other person is interested in listening to what we have to say.

Do not to wait for your special one to “assume” that you’re listening to him or her.

You can really win the heart of that special someone by paying close attention to what he or she tells you.

The only thing you need to do is to remember this magic words, and know when to say them.

This is what you can do:

When that special someone is speaking to you, at some point they will make a pause or simply stop talking. At that time, they will not be 100% sure that you are paying attention to them.

When the other person pauses, is the perfect opportunity for you to get closer to his or her heart. Wait one second, and then look at him or her directly in the eyes. With the softest voice that you can have, as if you were whispering say:

“I’m listening, please tell me more.”

When your special someone hears you say these words, he or she will get goose bumps!

These words will cause them great impact, and have the power to open their heart.


1.Because you will positively surprise them.

2. Because your soft way of saying these words, enters their heart in a way more profound, than if you were to spend an hour telling that special someone how much you like them.

3. And most importantly, because they will feel heard and understood, and these are some of the unconscious basic needs for both men and women.

When the unconscious basic needs of a man or a woman are met, is when their heart opens up.

When you make someone else feel that kind of connection and opening, something magical will start to happen…

Do you know that when you fulfill the “Unconscious Needs” of someone, he or she will do literally anything for you, and anything to meet your needs?

When you learn what these “Unconscious Needs” are, not only will you be able to end all your confusion and frustration once and for all, but you’ll also be able to find your right partner – your soulmate – and create an everlasting relationship.

Once you understand how this knowledge works, you will see your partner going out of his or her way to do the most special things for you… and you will want to do the most special things for him or her in return. What happens next is awesome!

But, just like mostly everything in life, there are two ways to learn things – the easy way and the hard way.

Most people take the hard route, because they just don’t know that an easier way exists.

To see changes in your life, you need to take action and try things that you never considered before.

What I offer you is an “easy way” to love, instead of taking the “hard route”.

If you are serious about finding true love and transforming your love life, I will take you by the hand to the realization of your romantic dreams in our next “Intensive Soulmate Success Program”.

Like all my clients and me, you too will find your soulmate and enjoy the delights and happiness of a nurturing relationship!

Please fill out the request form below to receive all the information, and schedule a FREE breakthrough session to see if this program is a right fit for you.

To your success in love!

Your friend,






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