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general May 17, 2024

It is very nice to be back in your inbox after having put a stop in my world due to an unplanned surgery and the recuperation weeks that followed.

I am used to having a busy schedule so this was an opportunity to experience life at a different pace, to reevaluate things and grow deeper gratitude for the things I have. Things that I never want to take for granted.

The one thing that I enjoyed the most during this “not so fun time” was the nourishing and supporting love from my soulmate. Ed stayed by my side at all times and cared for me like a mom would care for her child.

Even during the most painful days we would still be laughing, enjoying our love and expressing our gratitude to the Universe for the wonderful and solid soulmate relationship that we have created. It continuously grows bigger and better!

On my end, it wasn’t a matter of luck finding him. It didn’t happen by accident or good fortune.

It was a matter of wisdom. Also, it was a matter of decision and the proactive steps I took to make it happen… then love followed.

If I didn’t know the things I know or if I hadn’t applied the methodology I create for my clients, it would never have happened.

I too, had to date (online and off-line) and deal with the rainbow of emotions that we all experience when we are dating. Some are pleasant and some are unpleasant.

What made the difference is that I had a plan and a strategy that is a proven methodology that has worked for my clients for years. It was the right time for that methodology to work for me.

Deep inside I knew that if I followed through, I would find an exceptional partner and we would create a solid soulmate relationship. The truth is that what Ed and I have today is even greater than that!

The reason why I am sharing this with you, is because that is exactly what I want for you: A loving partner who loves you just the way you are. Someone you can always count on. A fulfilling and joyful relationship that is solid as a rock and can be everlasting.

It is the biggest fuel to my work and it is my pleasure to share this methodology with you in my Intensive Soulmate Success Program, and tips that really work in my FREE newsletters. It can transform your life into a delightful paradise where you will always feel adored, secure, respected, and understood.

Thank you for all the “burning” questions that you have sent me and your patience during these weeks. Please know that all your questions will be answered.

Let’s now dive into the juicy stuff that I have for you!

Wherever I go, and every time I open my inbox, the #1 question I always get from both men and women is…

“Where can I meet quality men that are single?” and

“Where do I find good women that would like me for who I am?”

If you want to find a loving partner and create a solid soulmate relationship, but are holding yourself back because you are not sure where to meet quality men or women, I have great news!

Quality single men and women are closer than you think :-).

First, realize that “where are the quality men (or women)” is the wrong question.

Ask “who” and “what” instead of “where.”

“Who” – Who are the men/women who could love me unconditionally?

“What” – What can I realistically do to improve his/her life and support his/her dreams?

Once you have the answer to those two questions, finding the right romantic partner will be easy.

Before you read on to discover the 3 Best Secret Places to find and meet desirable singles, you want to decide on an answer to those two questions. It is very important that you do.

Romantic relationships are built on friendship. Once you know your “who” and your “what,” you will realize that everyone you meet could either be your potential partner or they may know someone who could be your potential partner.

The problem isn’t a lack of desirable single men and women. There are plenty of potential partners for you out there.

The key is to get clear on “who” could love you just the way you are, and “what” you can do to improve their life and support their dreams. In fact, this is more about YOU than him or her.

So……be bold and decisive. Be crystal clear about the “who” and the “what,” and the “where” will naturally emerge. The 3 Best Secret Places I am sharing with you are literally, right under your nose.

There Are Plenty Of Quality Single Men or Women For You…It’s Now Time for You to Meet Them!

Secret Place #1 – Groups that you are a part of

Being a part of a group involves sharing with people you already know or who are already in your world. This includes your peers, colleagues, organizations you belong to, the people you share hobbies with, and more.

The first man I went out with when I became single was part of my spiritual community. Why? Because I was one of them. Some men in my spiritual community became a lot more attractive to me after I got to know them a little bit better – even though I didn’t feel attracted to them when I first met them.

If you are still hanging on to the belief that the single men in the groups that you are a part of, can’t be potential partners, consider this: You will start to find them more attractive and interesting once you get to know them better and you discover their inner goodness :-).

Secret Place #2 – Places Where You Do What You Love Doing

Get out from behind your computer and DO what you authentically love. Talk with people in person about what you’re passionate about. Go to events that are fun for you and share your passions.

If you don’t particularly enjoy going to events, create your own event.

My client Monica loves wine and recently started her own wine tasting group. Each friend would bring their favorite bottle of wine and invite a single friend. They had lots of fun enjoying rich and juicy discussions about wine while meeting new single people and making new friends. She met the gentleman, who is now her boyfriend, that way. You can too!

Are you passionate about kids, art, music, sports, etc.? Find out about all the activities related to your passion that are going on where you live. is a great resource that will allow you to try different groups doing what you love. If you are not familiar with the website, please check it out today.

Secret Place #3 – Online Dating

Are you still wondering if it’s actually possible to find love online? The answer is YES.

Online dating is simply the greatest source for meeting potential partners, because it gives you the opportunity to create relationships with people that otherwise you would never meet.

Statistics tell us that 1 in every 3 couples that get married in the USA met online. It is low pressure, it is totally confidential and you can do it from home. You will connect with normal, quality singles.

My clients successfully meet their soulmates online, when they follow my methodology. It happens all the time.

A few years ago when I was dating online, I created an irresistible profile – like the ones I do for my clients – that got massive attention and targeted the right type of men for me, while it discouraged the wrong type of men.

I met extraordinary men from all walks of life. Diplomats, doctors, lawyers, artists and business men. It was hard to decide who to pick to create a soulmate relationship, as I recognized soulmate potential in some.

So I picked who according to my methodology was right for me. I picked Ed. Someone with similar life goals and high relationship skills. (I must confess, wisdom gave me the clarity of mind I needed to “not let crazy chemistry and attraction” distract me or make the most important decision of my life for me!).

Today, Ed and I delight in a relationship that is the most fulfilling, joyful, fun, mature and nourishing part of our lives. It is solid as a rock and it keeps expanding every day. A true soulmate relationship.

In order to have a successful dating experience and find your soulmate you need to learn how to do it. You will find great information in my ebook “How to Find Your Soulmate – Simple Steps to Find your Soulmate and Create a Meaningful and Lasting Romantic Relationship“.

You need to be clear about the type of men that would be a fit for you, learn how to flirt, how to create an irresistible online profile, how to send interesting engaging messages, learn to read between the lines of their messages to create connection with the ones you are interested in. Learn when and where to meet them, how to get a second date, and a third….how to determine who is boyfriend/husband material and who is not, etc.

To see changes in your life you need to take action and try things that you never considered before!

If you are serious about finding true love and transforming your love life, I can help you. I will take you by the hand to the realization of your romantic dreams in my “Intensive Soulmate Success Program”. You will learn from A to Z all you need to know to find your romantic partner online and offline.

Like me, you too will find your soulmate and enjoy the delights and happiness of a nurturing relationship!

Please fill out the request form to receive all the information and schedule your FREE breakthrough session.

To your success in love!

Your friend,






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