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general May 17, 2024

Isn’t it a wonderful and blissful feeling when you truly love and you are loved back?

Love can change our lives and impact in such a positive way everything around us. When we are in love we can succeed in mostly everything we do because love opens opportunities way beyond our imagination.

For centuries the concept of “soulmates” has been associated only with romantic relationships. We are fed with fairy tales about romantic soulmates who serendipitously met, marry and live happily ever after.

That concept of soulmate love is unrealistic and is narrowing your chances of ever meeting your soulmate. It is like saying that there is only one person in the world for you, and unless you find that person, you are doomed to a lonely life of romantic misery.

Seeking that perfect “one” makes it impossible for any one to fit your standards. It makes you foster a mindset of perpetual “longing” and “waiting”. Moreover, it makes you give up too easily on what could be a fulfilling romantic relationship.

You have many soulmates. Yes you do!

You already have many soulmates relationships in your live today. In many different forms. Even if you haven’t found your romantic soulmate yet.

Your best friend is your soulmate. Your sister might be your soulmate. Your neighbor next door could be your soulmate. You just have to learn how to identify your romantic soulmates. Isn’t that amazing news?

Another false believe is the one that relates Soulmate Love to the butterflies you feel in your stomach when you meet someone that seems to be the right person.

Those feelings of excitement and butterflies at the beginning of some romantic relationships are consequence of a strong physical attraction and chemistry. No matter how wonderful and real it feels at first, it will naturally fade out with time. It has nothing to do with the soulmate love that leads to a long lasting relationship.

The butterflies in your stomach are similar to the “high” experienced with cocaine and other drugs. It can also make you become addicted to it. You can spend your life running after partners who are attractive, successful, exciting and with whom you can experience that “high”, only to find out later how hard it is to stay in a relationship with them.

The butterflies will only fulfill for a limited time. The addiction to that “high” can make you end up relationships with great potential. If what you want is a lasting relationship, the need for the “high” might make you sign up for a short term relationship every time.

It’s very easy to end up in unhealthy relationships as a result of these wrong believes. That’s one of the paradigm of relationships today.

That’s why I created the Institute of Love and Wisdom. It is my wish that you can proactively find your soulmate and experience the happiness and peace of a soulmate relationship.

A romantic soulmate relationship is the strongest bond that you can experience with another person. Is that “fine-tuned” connection with the other one, that warmth, trust, understanding and unconditional acceptance that creates the basis of a soulmate love and the biggest joy to your life.

Soulmate love develops with time and starts from truly appreciating the other person’s goodness.

A great physical appearance, a charming personality and someone’s talents can make a great impact on you and are nice qualities, no doubt.

However, a person’s goodness is what will really shake your core and make you want to remain in a relationship with them forever.

Soulmate relationships never result in confusion, anxiety, yelling, days without communication, repeated break-­ups and continuous patterns of ups and downs.

Soulmate relationships are EASY.

Soulmate relationships are healthy.

When there are disagreements they never threaten to destabilize the relationship.

Each partner is committed to the other one.

Each partner has acceptance for each other’s imperfections.

Soulmate relationships are solid as a rock and once you have it, you have everything. You have it ALL.

If you haven’t experienced this in your romantic relationships, you have not been in a soulmate relationship.

The greatest news is that it is not something out of your control, you can make this happen. Love is a choice. Love is your choice.

If you’re longing to find your soulmate and create a meaningful and loving relationship you will love the information I’m going to share with you in my Soulmate Success Intensive Program.

Wishing you a very happy day filled with peace and joy,

Much love,

xx Rita





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