After my divorce my love life became unstable. My relationships would never last for more than 5 or 6 months and I started to feel insecure and intolerant with men. I realized something needed to change for good. Working with Rita allowed me to learn more about myself. I started to understand men and took ownership on my behavior on what makes a soulmate relationship work and not work. She gave me tools that worked, courage to stay positive and a plan to keep myself focused. I did EVERYTHING, even the things I didn’t like or didn’t make much sense back then.  I got extraordinary results. I married my husband Allan just 3 months after we had met. We are so happy in love and he is such a wonderful step dad to my daughter. We have been married for 3 years now and in our soulmate relationship I feel adored, respected and appreciated for who I truly am.

Nikki, DR

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Meeting my soulmate has been such a meaningful event in my life. We are very happy to share our story with everyone. When we met I realized the great human being he is. A man of great intelligence, yet simple and noble. One year after we met we got married in the presence of our kids, relatives and closest friends. We just celebrated our 8th anniversary and he keeps bringing new meanings to my life every day. He is the perfect complement for this stage of maturity. We are inseparable soulmates and share all things that life brings and which we live for. Thank you Rita. If not for you we would have never found each other.

Fantina, DR
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After our session today I finally understood why all the wrong partners and bad relationships couldn’t work out for me. I have always opened my heart to the men who can’t treat me right or provide me with the kind of relationship I need. I can’t believe all I have to do is start dating Beta men who are the best fit for me. This is priceless information Rita, it’s such a relief to know there is nothing wrong with me and I WILL find my right partner soon!
Caroline, NY 
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I was fascinated by your presentation. You are an outstanding relationship guide for women who want to get closer to their partners. Things become easier once I understood our differences with men. My expectations have changed, I feel more patient and relaxed. I feel happier. I feel more appreciation for Jonathan and our relationship. God bless you!

Karen, FL
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The more I hear you explaining these important topics, the more I admire you Rita. Thank you for giving your time to help us become better human beings, better women and better partners. Thank you for helping us find our selves and what we need in order to feel fulfilled in a relationship (now I know it could be different to what we want). Thank you for helping us find our soul mates and making this journey such a meaningful one.

Elizabeth, NY
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This is more than a dream come true for me Rita. I am so happy. Mike is devoted to me, he is even more than I ever dreamed for myself. I am doing the manifestation practices you shared with us to manifest our wedding and our house.

Jennifer, NJ
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There is no way I would have gotten to this point without you, Rita. No chance I would have let him into my heart if it hadn’t been for you. You were the key in every step of the way: from guiding me with my online profile, to actually getting me to put it on Match.com, to coaching me through all those first dates, to helping me realize why David was the kind of man I should be with … I can’t find the right words to thank you enough.

Silvia, MA
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For any woman who wants a real and meaningful relationship but remains single, you are the one to figure out the how, where, when, why and the one to implement a personalized plan to guide them and help them recognize their self-sabotage and survive the normal challenges. You did that for me Rita.
It was a long road but after two years I have a mature, supportive, satisfying, committed relationship that became a marriage and I am so happy. Thank you so much for everything!!

Ana, NY
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I am on the clouds! We are getting married next year. Thank you for helping us find each other.

Patricia, DR
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My partner and I were in a relationship for over a year and even though it was going well I was concerned about the fact that in challenging times it was very difficult for us to communicate in an effective way. When he was upset he would withdraw and I would say things to later regret. It was becoming a pattern. I realized it was becoming a threat to our relationship so I decided to get help and started coaching with Rita.
I learned not to make big decisions when I am upset or emotional – I know it sounds easy but it is not. I learned so much about men, our psychological differences and how the way we interpret circumstances can be so different. My biggest reward is to have learned a way to communicate that brings us closer. Our relationship is more harmonious and even our sex live is better. I am using the communication techniques i learned even to communicate with my sons and I am amazed at the effective results – yes, they finally listen!

Veronica, DR
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Before working with Rita I wanted to find a romantic partner who I could spend the rest of my life with and start a family. I was tired of meeting guys who were not a good fit for me and I didn’t like the idea of meeting someone in a bar or a club.

With her guidance I started dating online – which I was reluctant at first – and started to meet a lot of guys. After two months I met my now husband George but at that time I was not totally convinced about him being the one . Rita made me understand why I should give myself the opportunity to go out with him and get to know him better and it was the best thing that could have happened to me in my entire life.

We are celebrating our first wedding anniversary in November and I feel incredibly happy and grateful. My husband is my best friend, my companion, my accomplice. We enjoy every second of our beautiful and solid relationship and in some years we plan to start a family.

Finding your soulmate takes work and consistency. Rita made it easier by providing me with the tools that I needed and creating a plan for me to achieve my goals in the most efficient and effective way. She took me straight to the point and saved me from wasting a lot of time in the way or making silly mistakes.

Lauren, NY