Fast Fix Program

Having a Dating or Relationship Problem? Let’s fix it now!

The Fast Fix Program is designed for you to have a 60 minute phone conversation directly with Rita and get her professional advice with your situation.

Rita will provide the insight you need to take the next steps:

* To clarify a misunderstanding

* To help you understand what your partner is thinking

* To apply something you learned in a blog to your particular circumstance

* To provide a script that communicates your desire in a clear way

* To confirm that you’re on the right path

* To offer direction at a crossroads

* To dissect an event or conversation for it’s hidden meaning

You will get:

– One intensive 60-minute coaching session to get to the heart of your problem
– At least 3 tools you can use right NOW to fix it (and get rid of that pit that’s always in your stomach)
– Email support for two weeks following our session

You will walk away with:

– Clarity: no more feeling confused over the situation that you’re in — you’ll know exactly what you need to do next
– Relief: your situation will no longer be overwhelming you
– Support: you’ll no longer feel like you’ve got to figure this out on your own
– Strategies: you’ll be able to use these over and over again for any similar situations that may come up in the future
– Positive mindset: no more feeling negative about what’s going on because we’re going to make it better

Investment: US$250