About us

We all have one thing in common, our desire for HAPPINESS.

A loving and healthy relationship is the first provider of happiness, balance and fulfillment in our lives.

Probably the most important decision we make in our lives is our choice of romantic life partner.

The right person to walk through life who can make us feel loved, understood, safe, and supported.

You are a very special being.

And you have the power to transform your world and the world of those around you through your relationships.

Why is it that we often spend 20 years or more in school educating ourselves to create a successful professional life, while there is zero education in how to create success in our romantic lives?

We wind up leaving our love lives up to luck and chance.

It should be no surprise that this has proven not to work well.

How were you supposed to know the right way if nobody ever tough you this?

That’s the reason why a lot of times you end up confused, frustrated and questioning your own self-worth when it comes to your love life.

   * You feel tired from being disappointed because no one seems like a suitable match.

   * You fear you will spend your life alone even though it’s your deepest desire to have a life partner.

   * You become scared of being hurt again after experiencing past relationships that didn’t work out.

   * You wind up asking yourself if anyone will ever fall in love with you (or if you will ever fall in love again!)

You are not alone dear friend. We are here to help put an end to your confusion, frustration, and fear.

So you can stop waiting for luck to decide your future.

And you can start creating the future you want right now.

You can proactively create your own romantic life and experience the most joyful and fulfilling human experience: TRUE LOVE.

There is a methodology behind building solid, healthy and long lasting relationships. I am honored to share it with you!

For over 12 years, I have been helping singles find the love they have been searching for and I have also been helping existing couples deepen their bond.

Equipped with the most leading edge resource known today, I created the Institute of Love and Wisdom to continue the proven record of success.


There is peace and happiness that comes to those in love. I believe we all deserve to have it if we are willing to do the work.

It’s this desire for peace and happiness that creates our strong basic human need for relationships and connection.

We can help you proactively create the future you want with a romantic relationship. A relationship where you feel loved, understood, heard, and secured.

It’s ok to be afraid of things that you don’t know and you can’t control. It only means you are normal.

We give you the power of Wisdom. Wisdom becomes the sword to your fear. Once you know how to create the relationship you want your fear will instantly disappear.

Without this knowledge, you leave the most important decision in your life up to chance.

Love should not be an accident. LOVE IS A CHOICE.

What are you waiting for?

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